Giant rabbit

As of June 2022, a large rabbit is standing along the Brusselsesteenweg in Melle, not coincidentally at Bureau Cuisine, our usual meeting place. Created by Henk Rijckaert, a well-known maker of anything and everything.

It all started with an April Fool's Day joke: using some Photoshop, we announced that a large red rabbit β€” one of those by artist William Sweetlove - was spotted at Bureau Cuisine. People loved the idea, and so did we, so we decided to make it a reality. Then Henk - also enthusiastic about the idea - suggested making a rabbit himself. And now it's here!

Photoshop versus reality

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Tiny rabbits

In addition to a large rabbit, you will also find many small ones appearing all over our website, in our presentations, and our social media channels. The idea came from the fact that we are both fans of the photos with those tiny people, like the ones from photographer Tatsuya Tanaka, and the books of 'Little people in the city' by street artist Slinkachu. But with rabbits, because, our name is Alice down the rabbit hole .

Also check out Charlotte's instagram account, aka Boontjesmetsjalotjes, completely dedicated to rabbits!