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Developing new products, services or concepts together with your target group or partners, that is what co-creation stands for.

We can help you map out your innovation path and, more specifically, set up co-creation sessions. Together, we look for the right target audience and organise a tailor-made brainstorm. And provide you with feedback and suggestions from the analysis of the ideas and results, to guide you in the further development and refinement of the concepts.

Co-creation is a creative process in which it is important to keep an open mind and to allow to think out of the box. However, it does not mean that you can just let a brainstorm run its course. A structured approach and professional guidance are absolutely necessary in order to obtain truly relevant ideas that you as a company or organisation can immediately put to work.

During an intake meeting, we carefully listen to your questions and challenges, and plan out a tailor-made course of action. Due to our extensive experience, we're familiar with a whole range of tools and brainstorming methods, to ensure that enough fresh approaches and ideas are generated, with the proper backup.

After the brainstorming sessions, we extract specific concepts from the jumble of loose ideas, and present them to you in a visually appealing way.

Rousselot - Sara De Pelsmaecker

"Veerle and Charlotte guided us perfectly in our first acquaintance with co-creation as a company. Besides listening to our needs, they also managed to translate these into a productive co-creation session where we acquired a lot of input about our idea. The subsequent in-depth interviews provided an extra layer of information that we will certainly include in our further strategy."

Sara De Pelsmaeker, Global Business Development Health & Nutrition, Rousselot

“Charlotte and Veerle organized a co-creation session for La Confiance around the new VitaBran bran biscuits. This workshop was without any doubt a real eye-opener and gave us a lot of new insights, which we immediately started working on! It is a step forward for us to understand our customer even better.”

Leo Borms, Owner, La Confiance

"In the Optiberry project, we explored possibilities to upgrade our non-premium fruit. Charlotte and Veerle crossed our path and built a bridge to the consumer. They involved a diverse group of consumers in the co-creation sessions and by using a creative and interactive approach, these sessions resulted in a lot of new ideas that we immediately implemented. Thank you, ladies!"

Carolien Gulix, Wilderhof

Available services

We are very flexible in developing a co-creation process and overall approach that fits your needs. Are you looking for a specific target group or would you rather interact with a cross section of the population? Everything is possible! Together we work out a tailor-made concept that maximizes your chances of success.

Research projects can also benefit from a consumer-centered approach. We can think with you on how to involve consumers or citizens, and give them a voice. It is refreshing, but sometimes confronting, to view your research results and ideas through the eyes of an outsider. But listening to consumers or citizens will definitely increase the chance of someone actually using your research, or bringing it into the real world.

You can also set up co-creation sessions with your partners or customers. Together with them you can take a closer look at your services, approach and procedures, and even develop new ones. You will gain more insight on their real needs and drivers and improve mutual trust. And the process will most likely leave you with some surprising new perspectives and ideas.

Some shots from previous sessions

At last we can hold our brainstorming sessions the way we intended them - accompanied by some great food and drinks!

During the pandemic we were restricted to having online sessions. But even then we tried to make them a little cosy, and brought the food and drinks to everyone at home

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