Communication is sending messages. But does that message reach its audience? And what does that message look like in the eyes of the recipient?

Good communication is therefore more than just sending messages; it is making sure they are well received by the right people, and interpreted in the right way.

It certainly is not easy to deliver a message in a clear, understandable way, especially when it concerns complex and nuanced information. This is particularly hard when you are so familiar with the subject that it becomes difficult to assess how that message will come across to someone else.

A good communication (strategy) is essential for the success of a product, a concept, for the implementation of promising research into the real world, etc. The framing, tone, positioning and terminology determine how a message comes across, and the format and channels used determine whether or not it reaches the right people.

Communication (strategy) usually comes up in our co-creation sessions. After all, who is better placed to shine a light on your message than those for whom it is actually intended?

Thanks to our experience in working with consumers on the one hand, and various training courses on the other hand, we are uniquely placed to translate complex information into a format that is understandable to everyone. We look at your message through the eyes of the recipient, and in combination with our scientific background, we look for the best way to bring it across.

For companies

New products, concepts or product ranges where the added value is not readily recognizable for the consumer, are often more difficult to sell. This surely is the case where the added value lies in sustainability aspects, health and safety, whereas a consumer is more likely to buy products where convenience, price and taste prevail.

Therefore, in order to compromise on convenience or price, it must be very clear what the added value is and if it is worthwhile.

We help you find the right way to communicate the added value of your product, clearly and effectively to your customer.

For researchers

An awful lot of incredibly interesting research is being done. Unfortunately, that information often lingers in scientific circles, within the same field of expertise even.

Bringing these research results out into the open, in a way that also non-experts can understand it has many advantages. Not only will it be picked up by experts in other fields, which could lead to interesting crossovers. It will also spark interest, opening up more opportunities for funding and integrating citizen science into research.

Since we are no experts in your field, but have sufficient scientific background to understand the essentials, we are the ideal partner to find the best ways to get your research out there.

Megafoons aan een paal


We are convinced of the power of visual information. By translating messages into visual elements, infographics, videos, demo material, or even apps and games, they become easier to handle and more accessible. That is why we cooperate with graphic designers, designers, filmmakers, app and game designers, who can continue to work with the information and the structure that we propose, and develop something beautiful!