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Before diving into our services, let us first explain how we work

We start from the principle of design thinking, which is more than just a buzzword everyone likes to throw into the conversation. On the one hand, we focus on the user in order to come to better solutions. On the other hand, we also listen to the visions and solutions of other stakeholders.

But what can you actually achieve with it?

  • By involving consumers and other parties from the start, the quality of innovations and solutions improves. You will be 'on top of the ball' more quickly, because you looked at the problem from different angles, and not just your own.
  • De risico’s van (vooruitstrevende) oplossingen en innovaties zijn dan ook een pak minder groot.
  • You obtain a wider network and a broader view of your own business, which makes you more flexible as an organisation, and better capable of adapting to future changes and challenges.

How do we go about this?

We want to give you a better insight of the wishes and demands of consumers, and how they see your company, products and communication. We achieve this with a combination of co-creation sessions and surveys, thus collecting both qualitative and quantitative data. The former mainly tells you what people wish for, what triggers them and how they see your products and concepts. The second provides information on who prefers what and where.

Icoontje co-creatie wit

Co-creation sessions are our own speciality. We can rely on a pool of volunteers - our 'inventors' - with different backgrounds and profiles, who are committed to working with you to think about new products, concepts and other challenges. Or we can organise co-creation sessions with customers, suppliers or partners, in case that is more relevant.

For quantitative data, we can turn to a number of partners that specifically dedicated their business to this. Such as BUFFL, who created an app to quickly collect feedback from their 'BUFFL herd', giving you an on the spot insight whether your concept is a 'no' rather than a 'go', or vice versa. The large amount of data collected, allows you to interpret it using statistical analyses.

Or VG Sensory, who will serve your products to people for (sensory) evaluation using all the best practices - because after all, taste is crucial when it comes to food.

And this translates into our services


Co-creation is creating together. Sitting around the table with other parties, such as the consumer. Because launching new products, product concepts or a whole new product range on the market is not as simple as it might seem, especially when it comes to basic products like food.
By involving others in your creative process, you get a more objective view on your ideas, and learn to look at them from a different angle. And doing that may drastically reduce your failure rate.


Just because the message is clear to yourself, doesn't mean it is for the rest of the world. You are an expert in your own field, and that makes it hard to assess how much - or how little - others know, and how a certain message comes across.
Luckily, we have plenty of expertise in translating complex information into a message that everyone can understand.


After wandering over 15 years around R&D and marketing departments and the innovation landscape, we have gained a lot of expertise on markets and trends, feasibility of ideas and design thinking. We'd like to share this expertise with you. Take a look at what we can do for you.

Complete picture

Innovation is a complicated process. We can break it down for you into a number of individual steps. By collaborating with partners and combining our knowledge and expertise, we can help you to map out the entire process, from the initial idea to the go-to-market strategy.