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So far, there's only two of us, and obviously we cannot do everything. But luckily we are well networked and we can count on other organisations that are complementary to us. Our valued partners strengthen us and the services we provide, and vice versa!

With the help of an app, Buffl offers the possibility to obtain instant costumer feedback in a quantitative way, which is a nice add-on to our qualitative approach. By cooperating with them we provide both approaches and make the sessions even more interactive.

V-G Sensory is led by the duo Hilde & Evelien, and we go back a long time. We saw them evolve from a start-up company into the reference in sensory research and analyses they are today. As taste is the cornerstone of every great food product, we gladly involve and cooperate with them to complete the picture for you!

Great stories happen to those who can tell them. For exciting stories in words and images, we work together with Soul Food Revolution. With their creative storytelling, they create maximum impact for initiatives in healthy food. They build strong brands and inspiring campaigns, all unique and authentic stories that touch hearts.

Proef! is a food lab that encourages food makers to innovate and co-create. Among other things, they can be a valuable add-on to our activities and deploy the next steps, via the development of prototypes, making the new ideas more tangible.

Fast Feedback is a service from Wagralim that lets companies access a network of marketing and communication experts and trend watchers. As a company you can contact them for market studies, benchmark studies and consumer feedback. The perfect partner for us to have a foothold in Wallonia.

Flanders' FOOD, the spearhead cluster for the Flemish agri-food industry and also our previous employer, is the network partner par excellence to involve in our operations.

Wagralim is the Walloon counterpart of Flanders' FOOD and thus the cluster for the agri-food industry in Wallonia. They know the Walloon agri-food industry like the back of their hands and have an extensive network there. In short, the ideal partner in the southern part of the country.

As the name suggests, the Food Pilot is a real pilot factory, where you as a food company can go to scale up your product concept. Besides pilot tests, you can also reach out to the Food Pilot experts to test and analyse a new recipe. They will be happy to support you with advice.

KEET is Tine, a graphic designer and the creator of our beautiful seasonal vegetable calendar. Beautiful things make Tine happy, but also real people and much more. Her assets: working efficiently, listening to what you really want, clear communication, creating peace of mind in visualisations, taking a broader view, etc. A perfect match for us.

Bureau / Cuisine, also our home base, is a culinary workhouse, coworking space, and meeting and event location with an inspiring and cozy atmosphere that encourages 'out of the box thinking'. Ideal for organizing creative sessions!

Davine is the creative talent behind our beautiful logo and corporate identity. She is an independent graphic designer, and also works as a freelancer for larger agencies. We can count on her help to present difficult information in visually attractive way!

Fabrique MANGERfique sure knows her way around tasty and healthy food. Since we want to create a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere in our sessions, we gladly add some of Silke's delicious creations.

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