How can you know whether a product or idea will appeal to consumers?

How about we just ask them …?

Do you, as citizen, want to help determine what’s on our store shelves?

What we do

Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends, and respond to what’s cooking in the world. That’s what innovation is all about. But it’s a lot easier said than done. Plus, being forward-thinking holds some risks. Fortunately, they can be overcome. And we are here to help you deal with them!

Engaging consumers

Who are you doing it all for? Probably in part for yourself, because you like doing it, but above all for the consumer, the citizens, and society.To know whether you are on a the right track, it is always a good idea to, now and then, ask the people on the receiving end how they see things. Or even better: to involve them in the development of future products, services or research.
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Co-creation as a tool

Co-creation means 'creating together'. Be it with consumers, with experts in a certain field, other players in the chain or organisations your company works with.By involving others in your creative process, you get a more objective view on your ideas, and learn to look at them from a different angle. This gives you a broader and more complete vision of the possibilities, needs and requirements of the market, and how to best respond to them.
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Just because the message is clear to yourself, doesn't mean it is for the rest of the world. You are an expert in your own field, and that makes it hard to assess how much - or how little - others know, and how a certain message comes across. Luckily, we have plenty of expertise in translating complex information into a message that everyone can understand.
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After wandering over 20 years around R&D and marketing departments and the innovation landscape, we have gained a lot of expertise on markets and trends, feasibility of ideas and design thinking. We'd like to share this expertise with you. Take a look at what we can do for you.
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What types of organisations do we support?

Companies in the agri-food sector and related sectors, and other fast moving consumer goods

Research institutes and network organisations, to support scientific research using consumers and/or enable communication of research results to a wider audience

Hospitals, care institutes, schools and other organisations working on their food and nutrition policies

Any organisation that wants to use co-creation to improve their collaboration and actively listen to their customers and/or partners

Who are we?

“Let us guide you through the rabbit hole”

Two creative minds with a degree in bio-engineering, expertise in the food industry, the bio-based industries and the innovation landscape.

We realise that currently, as global society, we face a host of major challenges. Whether it’s dealing with climate change or providing more healthy food for all. There is no simple solution or silver bullet, and tackling them alone is not a feasible path. Part of the solution lies in innovation and cooperation, which happens to be just our thing!


Take a look at our success stories: Discover how we helped organisations with their research and innovations.

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