How can you know whether a product or idea will appeal to consumers?

How about we just ask them …?

Do you, as a citizen, want to help determine what's on our store shelves?

What we do


Lauching new products, concepts or a whole new product range on the market is not as simple as it might seem. Especially when it concerns basic products like food. Even while making large investments in market research, there still is a high degree of uncertainty whether a new product will succeed, and remain successful on the market. Unfortunately, this is far from always the case. Market failures can have numerous reasons: the market isn’t ready for your product, the consumer doesn’t understand the added value or isn’t attracted by it, …

Setting-up co-creation trajectories where you develop a product, design and shape a concept, in close cooperation with the consumers, can drastically reduce your failure rate.


Clear communication can ensure a message gets really through. However, this is especially challenging when trying to communicate complex information about an ‘invisible’ added value of a product, such as sustainability or health assets. Or scientific information, such as research results.

So how can you deliver a complex message to a consumer, in a way they understand and without hopelessly confusing them?

Whether it’s about the science behind a product, an unknow concept or scientific information as such, together we examine how this information can be shared to a broad audience in a visually attractive and clear way. To achieve this, we cooperate with graphic designers, video makers and other creative thinkers and combine it with our scientific background and expertise in communication.

What types of organisations do we support?

  • Food companies and other fast moving consumer goods
  • Research institutes, to support scientific research using consumers and/or enable communication of research results to a wider audience
  • Hospitals, care institutes, schools and other organisations working on their food and nutrition policies

Who are we?

“Let us guide you through the rabbit hole”

Two creative bunnies with a scientific background, expertise in the food industry and the field of innovation. For over ten years already we’ve been guiding and supporting food companies with their innovation process. First at Flanders’ FOOD, and now also at Alice down the rabbit hole!

Where can you find us?


Brusselsesteenweg 151
9090 Melle