We can't - and don't - ask consumers for everything. Often, you do need some background and expertise. Through our years of experience in the industry and innovation world, we have gathered a lot of knowledge, which we are happy to share with you.

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Due to our years of experience, we know the Belgian, and by extension, the European food industry like the back of our hand. We know what is going on and have a good view of the challenges this sector is facing. Across the sectors, from a strategic to a more process-related viewpoint, and even some of the scientific principles behind it.

This places us in an excellent position to act as a sounding board and to take a fresh look at your challenges, processes and (innovation) strategy.

What can we support you with?

  • Market and benchmark studies
  • Feasibility studies and business model analysis
  • Strategic sounding board

We are convinced of the power of co-creation and the design thinking process. Has your interest been sparked? You can contact us for the following training courses:

  • Co-creation and brainstorming techniques
  • Design thinking
  • Consumer-oriented innovation

We adapt our courses to meet your personal needs.

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