Become an 'inventor'?

Do you, as a citizen, also want to contribute to the world of tomorrow?

Which products do you miss in everyday life? Or maybe you can no longer see the trees for the forest in the supermarket? Do you want to make more sustainable and/or healthier choices but you don't know how to get started? Do you ever wonder how we will eat and live in the future? Or maybe you already have an idea of what you would like that future to look like?

Work together with companies, all kinds of organisations, and researchers, and let us know what you would like from them.

According to us, anyone can be an 'inventor' and deserves to express their ideas and vision. But not everyone is in a position to make those inventions come true. Or maybe you can't go anywhere with those ideas. By becoming an 'inventor' with us, you can change that!

What products are we talking about then?

We are mainly focused on food products, but also other household products and everything that comes with it, such as packaging, agriculture, artisanal and industrial production, sustainability aspects and the relationship with health. And it's not always about products, you also get a chance to shine your light on services that you think are not going well. In those cases also, you, as a user of those services can provide a lot of valid input and out-of-the-box ideas.

Prior knowledge is not necessary at all, as long as you eat and live, and have an opinion!

Being an inventor, what does that entail?

That you receive invitations from us to participate in specific studies that fall within your area of interest. Mostly they come in the format of an interactive brainstorm with about 15 others, which usually also include a few experts. But it can also be a 1-on-1 interview or online workshop where you can participate in a certain 'challenge' at your own pace. Evidently, every invitation is without obligation.


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Why would you do this?

Besides the fact that this is a unique opportunity to make your opinion and ideas known, and maybe even see them become reality, we also promise to make it a fun experience.

For example, our brainstorming sessions are always accompanied by good food and drinks, and we ensure that it is also a fun, inspiring and educational morning, afternoon or evening for you. With an occasional extra or a goodie bag in the theme of the brainstorm. But also those who participate in online workshops and surveys can count on receiving a nice inspiration and thank you package. And of course we will also keep you informed when your input has led to something real.

These sessions are coming soon …

At the moment we've got no new sessions planned. But keep an eye on our social media channels, because there are already a few things brewing!

Some shots from previous sessions

During the pandemic we were restricted to having online sessions. But even then we tried to make them a little cosy, and brought the food and drinks to everyone at home