About our 'inventors'

To organize a co-creation session with consumers, you need, well, consumers. And preferably not just any random group of consumers, but those who belong to the target group of your products or services, and who are also motivated and creative enough to give you honest and valuable input.

Enter our inventors community! A pool of volunteers with different backgrounds, preferences and tastes who are committed to think about and discuss the concepts and products of the future.

Are you not quite sure who your target group is? No worries, we can support you in finding the right types of people to invite.

What kind of information do we collect?

In addition to the standard data, such as age, sex, living situation and professional status, we also specifically ask about their values ​​and priorities related to purchasing behavior, eating habits, dietary needs and specific hobbies.

And if you have a specific target group in mind, which we do not have access to yet, we can of course always look for people who do meet this profile.