Charlotte & Veerle

Two creative bunnies with a degree in bio-engineering, expertise in the food industry and the innovation landscape. For over 10 years we've been guiding and supporting food companies in innovation, during which we have gained a lot of expertise on co-creation and design thinking methodologies. And we would love to share it with your organisation.

Bringing people together, connecting and challenging them to break new grounds, is the passion of this atypical bio-engineer. With a practical, no-nonsense approach and solid expertise, she convinces to approach challenges in a different way and to let your creativity run free.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry – in marketing and sales functions – and as one of the strategic coordinators at Flanders’ FOOD, the innovation process no longer holds any secrets for her.

She will gladly use her extensive network to challenge and tackle your problem.

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A creative jack-of-all-trades who combines a scientific background with a heart for sci-fi and an unusual view on the world, making out of the box thinking a second nature. Believer in visual information, because an image says more than a thousand words.

With experience in the food industry - in Lotus Bakeries' R&D department - and in a more strategic position in the spearhead cluster agrifood - aka Flanders' FOOD - the food industry is more than a trusted domain. Moderating brainstorms has thereby become a habit, and delving through scientific information a daily reality.

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‘Alice down the rabbit hole’?

Well, with a flirt towards the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland", about a girl who ends up in a wonderful world, and cleverly makes her way through the many trials. "Down the rabbit hole" is therefore a referral to a course full of challenges.

We also want to guide you through the, sometimes difficult, path of product development and market introductions, by looking at things from a different perspective. Let creativity run free and discover new paths and ideas via other people's brain twists!