Co-creation as a tool

The word speaks for itself. Co-creation means ‘creating together’. Be it with consumers, with experts in a certain field, other players in the chain or organisations your company works with. 

By looking at things from multiple angles and devising solutions together, you get a much broader and more complete vision of the possibilities, needs and requirements of the market, and how to respond to them. Thus avoiding having too much of a tunnel vision, or having a one-sided story.

But setting up a co-creation process is easier said than done. Which partners do you involve? Who is your target audience? And above all: how do you get the right profiles at the table? And how do you ensure that their input extends beyond what you had already thought of yourself?

Co-creation is a creative process in which it is important to keep an open mind and to allow to think out of the box. However, it does not mean that you can just let a brainstorm run its course. A structured approach and professional guidance are absolutely necessary in order to obtain truly relevant ideas. It is also necessary to look beyond the things that are said during the brainstorm: what was not said, how it was said, and by whom, also matters, as do the many indirect signals and cues, such as facial expressions.

"Co-creation is a way to get rid of your tunnel vision"

That is why we are there to make sure the entire co-creation process is well directed and moderated. Thanks to our background, we have a lot of technical expertise that allows us to think along with you, to explore the challenges and opportunities in depth, and to develop an approach to find an answer to your questions. And of course we also have the necessary experience to set up, guide and analyse a solid, tailor-made co-creation session (or co-creation process).

At first glance, the information that a co-creation session provides is all over the place. Fortunately, thanks to our extensive experience, technical expertise and strong analytical approach, we know how to handle this.

In the end you receive from us a report with advice, suggestions and options that you, as a company or organisation, can immediately put to work!

Or we can also give you an overview of the range of techniques that you can use to get started yourself. With the necessary tips & tricks, and do’s and don’ts.

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