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If you really want to do it right, one interactive moment around the table with your consumers won't do the trick. There is still a lot of thinking to do. What type of consumers should I target? Does the market really need this type of product, or would it be better to take a completely different approach? Is this something that's really on people's minds or are there already sufficient alternatives that deal wih the situation?

Sometimes it is best to take a step back and have a close look at your challenges and opportunities, strategy and target group. A combination of exploratory conversations, market research and a few targeted questions to a broad audience can already bring you a long way. And the question or challenge you discuss with consumers may even sound completely different from what you initially proposed. But even after exploring possible solutions, there is still some fine-tuning to be done: testing concepts, determine branding and positioning, finetuning and testing again.

The figure below shows roughly how such a process works.

With our partners, we can guide you through the entire process.

We are happy to collaborate with: 

  • BUFFL for quantitative consumer feedback
  • V&G Sensory for sensory analyses and taste tests
  • De la soul wanneer je op zoek bent naar een gepassioneerd communicatiebureau met focus op duurzame voeding
  • Proef! in whose food lab you can develop your concepts and make prototypes to your heart's content
  • Flanders' FOOD and Wagralim, the innovation platforms of the food industry in Flanders and Wallonia
  • And many more

From the very first idea to market launch. Fully adapted to your specific situation, we draw up a work plan that can be adjusted along the way, in case the situation takes you somewhere you weren't expecting. Because that tends to happen in design thinking. But it is better to make adjustments as you go and score with a top notch solution than to stay within the trodden paths and discover afterwards that you kind of missed the ball.

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